• Barney Fife
    Mr. Furch
    Director Music Department,
    Director of Choirs
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                                    Singing Rocks!                                  

    A HUGE shout out of thanks to the Davis Education Foundation for their cash award of $368 to allow us to purchase two acoustic guitars for our student's use.  The guitars are available for individual students to practice with here at school, for performances with our other performing groups, and for teachers to demonstrate aspects of theory and the science of acoustics and intonation.  We appreciate the DEF for their support! 

    Legacy Junior High School students are the best! Go Silverwolves!!! I'm excited to be teaching and sharing great music with all of you!

    This year I get to work with 7 amazing choirs and an awesome music theater class...

    They are:
    Legacy Madrigals (new this year:  girls AND guys...  They rock!)
    Music Theater (team teach with the incredibly talented Mrs Land and Mr Bennion)
    Advanced Concert Choir (what can I say? they're awesome!)
    Choralaires (they look and sound beautiful)
    Men's Choir (every one a stud)
    Ladies Choir  (even prettier than the men are studly)
     Get involved in CHOIR!!!   EVERYONE can sing!!!!
    Concert Choir 2015-16
    Les Mis 2015-16